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Iluminara Public Affairs

Iluminara Public Affairs is a full-service public affairs firm committed to providing comprehensive strategic consultation services. We develop targeted strategies and effective public affairs campaigns to affect desired outcomes. A certified minority and veteran-owned company, Iluminara Public Affairs manages the corporate strategy, civic engagement, and media awareness needs of our clients, based on our years of proven and effective strategy execution, spanning all sectors of government and industry.

Industry Sectors

  • Contract Procurement
  • Community Development
  • Executive Security Consultation
  • Gaming
  • Infrastructure/Capital Development Planning
  • Minority Certification/Contracting
  • Police Reform/Training/Accountability
  • Political Consulting
  • Public/Affordable Housing Development
  • Zoning/Planning/Economic Development
  • Public Safety/Emergency Management
  • Public Utilities
  • Social Equity
  • Workforce Development

What is Public Affairs?

Efforts by organizations to track, engage, and organize their external (public facing) business processes. An interdisciplinary focus ranging from government relations, communications, and social responsibility.

What Our Clients Need

Strong public affairs strategies are very important to ensure an organization's interests don't get left behind. The public affairs function of an organization aims to influence policy, build strong relationships with legislators and policy makers, and monitor stakeholder sentiment in order to maintain a strong reputation and find common ground around policy decisions.

Services We Provide

  • Government Relations
  • Media Communications
  • Issue Management
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility Strategies
  • Information Dissemination
  • Strategic Planning and Communications

Different from Public Relations firms, a Public Affairs practice is more political in nature and focuses on influencing public policy decisions. PR campaigns prioritize helping companies from a marketing perspective, focusing on generating goodwill for a company and gaining awareness about its products or service. As Public Affairs professionals we are tasked with influencing public policy, building and promoting positive perceptions of the client's reputation, and finding common ground with key stakeholders. Iluminara Public Affairs is a division of Reyes Kurson, Ltd.

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